Building soft-skills at a young age PART 2

For the second part of “Building soft-skills at a young age”, we are going to introduce you something special and that is…


A newcomer in the scene of enrichment classes, it has proved its popularity and relevance by the rapid increase in classes and sign-ups. It is apparent from the numbers that many parents have started to realise the importance of alternative enrichments that prove to be beneficial to a child’s younger formative years.  

So… What is Lego Robotics?

As the name suggests, classes are conducted with the use of everybody’s favourite LEGO toys. However, more than just assembling LEGO pieces, your child will have the opportunity to investigate, build and experiment models with other kids as they work together to programme and bring their robots to life!

Through these fun and hands-on activities, your child will be introduced to the basics of robotics as well as learn important programming concepts such as sequential execution and decision making.

Okay… Why are Lego Robotics classes so popular then?

Compared to the usual academic curriculum of sciences, Lego Robotics provides a more exciting and enjoyable exposure to maths, science, and engineering.

From the very first step of brainstorming to the successful running of the model, your child would be directly involved in every step of the mini STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) project. He would have to learn, understand and think about the various concepts behind building a robotic model, utilise their creative juice in the idea generation process as well as trial and improve from the errors along the way.

Did you know that Lego is actually responsible for inspiring many generations of children to pursue careers in math, science, and engineering? Children who have participated in such programs were found to have long-lasting interest in STEM topics and 2x more likely to major in science or engineering once in higher education.

Other than DIY robotics toys that are in the market, few children are being exposed to the topic of STEM at a young age and only get their first exposure by studying about it. We all know how dry STEM subjects can be sometimes. Therefore, encouraging interest in these topics at a young age is always a good start.

What are the benefits?

Throughout the whole process, your child would be challenged in their critical thinking. Not only that, they are free to explore their own ideas and expand their imagination capacity. At the same time, it can develop their spatial reasoning and allow them to learn about structural integrity, design, and a practical sense of geometry.

They are also expected to work with their peers to create stories and solutions for the robots and that would allow them to develop their presentation and interpersonal relationship skills.

Most importantly, your child will be having a fun, exciting yet educational time!

What are you waiting for now?

KRTC’s Lego Robotics Holiday Program is open for registration!

All children from the ages of 5 to 12 are welcome!

If you are interested in the program or want to find out more, contact us at (65) 6684 8444 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

Building soft-skills at a young age

When one mentions enrichment classes, most parents would either think of academic classes to boost results or non-academic classes such as piano, music or chess.

However, do you know that there are a lot more non-academic classes being offered in Singapore than the usual few?

More importantly, these non-academic classes are able to develop certain aspects of your child’s abilities that cannot be found through academics studies.

This coming week, we are going to introduce three unique yet beneficial enrichment classes and we’ll start off with…


Yes, there are such classes available for your child!

In KRTC Special Speech and Drama Holiday Program, you can expect your child to be engaged in various activities such as dramatization and role play, songs, poems, and even choral reading.

With the central theme of “African Safari”, your child would be exercising his creative juice to come up with a drama play with the help of his other “friends of the jungle”. Together, they will go on an exciting journey accompanied by songs, poems and jungle drums of the African tribe, and experience the African culture with African sandpaper art and tribal masks as well.


Wrong! Speech and drama classes aren’t just about talking and acting. The primary focus of such classes is actually on the ability to articulate properly and to express themselves better. As we know, good communication skills are one of the top essential skills in the workforce right now.

Language is also extremely hard to teach. Hence, it is good exposure for your child to be in an environment where good language is used and freely expressed.

Not only that, the nature of the lessons will help to build up his vocabulary, enhance confidence, and improve on public speaking skills as well. Many children find it a challenge to speak up in class, or even to present in front of the class. In a safe, fun and relaxed environment such as a speech and drama class, they can then overcome their fear in this aspect and become more confident to do so.


What makes Speech and Drama classes so special from other kinds of performing art classes such as musical instruments is that it nurtures a wide range of soft skills.

Being able to express oneself accurately and act a whole play in front of strangers is not a usual occurrence and can be difficult for adults too as well. Therefore, children in such classes will get to develop a sort of confidence not found anywhere else. They will become more comfortable with opening and speaking up and more importantly, have the self-confidence within them.

As your child is encouraged to cooperate with other children in the class to create a play, speech and drama classes also allow your child to learn how to communicate and work together as a team at a young age. These would slowly become the necessary building blocks of effective communication.

Lastly, your child’s imagination is being utilised and stretched in these classes. Corporates have gradually started to realise how important creativity and imagination are and they are becoming the most sought-after traits too. Being in a speech and drama class will definitely nurture the creativity and put it into good use!


It is perfectly fine to enrol your child in speech and drama classes even if he is shy! It will probably take a few lessons for her to open up, and as kids, once he sees that the rest of the kids are having fun, he will naturally want to join in as well. Encouraging her to go for these classes, asking her how it goes and rewarding her would be the best steps to embrace the shyness.


If you are interested in or want to find out more, contact us at (65) 6684 8444 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!


This is what everybody has been waiting for - exams are finally over!!! After studying (or supervising) so hard for the past few weeks, both you and your child definitely deserve a well-rested break.

However, kids are often very energetic beings and before resting for long, they would be yearning to go out and have fun again.

Well, not to worry because we have specially curated a list of kids friendly activities that you can choose from to bring your child to this weekend!

Not only would it provide a fun day out, but it is also a good time to catch up on some family bonding with your little one!

Forest Adventure

The perfect place to go with your kids after having to sit still for days would be this - Forest Adventure!

Situated beside Bedok Reservoir, Forest Adventure is a treetop course that definitely gets your heart pumping. Where else in Singapore would you have the opportunity to fly across the reservoir or jump from suspended planks to planks?

Aside from their main Grand Course, they also offer both Junior Course and Kids Course. Kids Course is actually specially designed for children aged 5 to 9 years old and it involves 22 crossings with 2 zip lines!

If your child would want to get their adrenaline going, definitely give this place a visit!

Forest Adventure

Address: Bedok Reservoir Park

Opening Hours: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM daily

Price: $50 for those below 18 (Grand Course) $39 (Kids Course)


KidsSTOP Singapore

If your child is not up for some thrilling adventure, you can try out KidsSTOP. Situated among Singapore Science Centre, this is the place where your kid can learn science and have fun all in one day!

There are over 20 exhibitions designed to introduce concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Separated into 4 zones - Imagine, Experience, Discover, and Dream - with engaging interactive play and hands-on activities, your child will never ever get bored here!

Just a reminder that it is based on sessions so remember to time your visit well!

Tickets are for one session only and there are only 2 sessions per day.

Socks are also required for certain theme zones.


Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433

Opening Hours: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm (last admission 12.45pm), 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm (last admission 5.15pm)

Price: Free entry for children below 18 mths, children 18 mths - 8 years old: $5 (weekdays), $10 (weekends & public holidays).

Amazonia (closed for renovation from 5/11 to mid-dec)

This place is more than your regular indoor playground. It is actually Singapore’s first fully integrated Family Entertainment Centre, fit for both parents and kids to hang out in the same space!

From 3D Glow Golf to Space Ball to Jungle Play Gym, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of activities you can do here.


In the Jungle Play Gym, other than the usual ball pit and a network of tubes and suspension bridges, the most exciting feature would be their wave slide.


It is 8m high, mind you! Definitely a must-try experience for any kids!


*Socks must be worn at all times!



Address: Great World City Mall, #03-08, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994.

Opening Hours: 7 days per week

10am – 6pm (Mon), 10am – 9pm (Tue – Thu) & 10am – 9.30pm (Fri – Sun & Public Holidays).

Admission Fee: $22 (1 - 3 years old), $33 (3 - 12 years), +$8.60 for 3D Glow Golf, +$5.35 for Space Ball

School’s Out Carnival 2019

If you’re looking for a fun and educational experience for your child, why not visit the School’s Out Carnival held this 11.11 from 10am-6pm at WeLoveSGP, Our Tampines Hub?

It is a carnival specially created for your child to be hands-on with 9 different activities that will teach them various important skills in a fun and engaging way.

And the best part is, admission is free for all! There are also goodie bags for the first 100 families.

Register now via this link to redeem a chance for the sure-win lucky draw. Limited slots available so act fast parents!

Here are the Programme Highlights for the carnival:

  1. F1 demo | Jaguar Primary School Challenge
  2. JTeam Production | Ready, Camera & Action!
  3. 3D Pen Workshop | Be your own Da Vinci!
  4. Air Rocket Workshop | Make, launch and bring it home!
  5. Hovercraft | Learn to control and race!
  6. World of Balloons | Magic and Sculpting
  7. POSB Kids | Interactive Financial Literacy for Kids
  8. Jumping Clay | Sculpt your favourite cartoons
  9. Colourful Foil Art Prints | Unique Technique of Making Art

So come down to Our Tampines Hub for a Sunday Funday filled with excitement and action!

See you there!

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